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For years, we’ve been wanting to redesign the Chiot’s Run blog, but that never seemed to materialize. The site kept getting larger and larger, with more content. This summer, I decided it was time for a new site. The old Chiot’s Run will remain an archive site, to keep all information available, but content from here on out will be here at Cultivate Simple.

The site isn’t finished yet, but I wanted to get it up and start adding content here as we change and edit the design. If you have any great recommendations for pages you’d like to see or content you’d like to read, feel free to comment below. I’m thinking I may add a Garden Journal page where I note things that I do and that happen in the garden.

This blog should be faster and better, I’ll link to old articles when relevant and maybe update some of the more popular ones here with more information.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Site…

  1. Susy,
    I like it. I’m excited to see how you expand this site. Thank You for showing us the bare bones before the fleshing out begins.

    It’s been a hard garden year here in Nebraska. We are nearly 15 inches behind in rain for the year. My 390 gallon rain water tank ran dry at the end of August which has never happened before. I had to supplement with city water. Right now I harvest water from only 1/4 of the house roof but that might have to change.

    I’m kicking up my basement winter salad garden that’s grown under grow lights. I’m expanding from lettuce and radishes to adding spinach, sorrel, and maybe attempting carrots. It’s a total experiment with carrots but hey what else is there to do on showy winter days.

    Have a great day and it’s good to hear from you again.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. Great to see you found your way over here. I’ve been ramping up my winter grow light garden too, so far it’s only parsley and a few herbs as I have lettuce still growing in the garden. It’s been so dry here as well, in the month of Sept we only received .13 inches of rain. Hopefully we will get enough snow this winter to refresh the water table. We keep talking about a rain barrel system like our one in Ohio, but that project often gets moved to the back of the line.

  2. This is wonderful and exciting! I am happy to continue to be on the journey with y’all through these years. I have learned so much from your posts and the podcast ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you!

  3. How fun!
    I think I remember a debate on whether a redesign of the blog was ever going to happen on the Cultivate Simple podcast. The podcast was always a delight and Iโ€™m sure this new blog will be the same. Congrats on getting it published!

  4. Lovely! Iโ€™m glad youโ€™re not dismantling ChiotsRun, I reference it often! And I do miss the podcast – yours was the reason I got into podcasts and now Iโ€™m a full blown addict ? stay well!

  5. Hi Susy! I am glad to be here and I can’t wait to see how beautiful this will become. You always have such great information and ideas to share.

  6. So glad to have reconnected with you here at the new site! And glad to see Nebraska Dave is here too. I miss the podcasts, enjoyed and learned so much from you guys.

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