Enjoying the Outdoors

This summer we ate most of our evening meals in the cedar adirondack chairs on the front lawn. We also enjoyed coffee in the mornings and cocktails out here on the weekends. An added benefit is that they overlook the new pollinator bed, so we were able to watch the butterflies and bees while we relaxed.

BLT salad in October, much easier to eat than a BLT sandwich!

In previous years, this was impossible because the mosquitoes were so bad. Some years, our mosquito levels were so bad it was impossible to be outdoors at dusk. During a hike through the woods in early summer, we noticed a place where water collects after a rain and gets stagnant, it happens to be fairly close to the house. Figuring this was where the hoards of mosquitoes were coming from, we purchased some Mosquito Dunks and added them to the area. Low and behold, after a few days there were no mosquitoes – NONE!

Wild turkey cutlets on top of veggies from the garden.

Figuring out where the mosquitoes were breeding and dealing with the problem made living outdoors possible and enjoyable. It was particularly pleasant during the craziness that was the summer of 2020. The dunks have to be reapplied every 30 days, which means we added them for a total of three times this summer to the standing water. They’re worth every penny they cost for the ability to actually be outside!

Do you have to deal with lots of mosquitoes in your garden? Any great tips?

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Outdoors

  1. Loving the look of the new site. One suggestion though…the white/light gray text is a little hard on the eyes.

  2. I love your beautiful new blog! We use a couple of outdoor fans near our seating area to keep away the mosquitoes and that has been very effective.

  3. That’s amazing! Living in Florida we are plagued with mosquitos during portions of the year. This year in particular has been problematic for mosquitos but you have inspired me to venture through the woods behind my house to find the source. Love the new blog!

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