Growing Freesias for Winter Blooms

I grow a lot of salad greens and herbs indoors during the long Maine winters, but I’ve never really attempted to grow flowers for cutting. I’d love to try ranunculus, but I always forgot to order corms. This year I did manage to get some freesia bulbs when I made my spring bulb order.

I planted them in pots and containers in the basement. From what I read, I need to leave them in a cool place until they start to sprout. My basement it a perfect location for this type of thing. It stays around 45-50 degrees in the winter (which is why my citrus LOVE it down there). When leaves emerge, they need moved to a warm sunny location (preferably under a grow light). I’ll move them upstairs. Naturally, since I’ve never done this before it could be a huge bust, but the fun is often in the process.

Do you grow flowers indoors during the winter? Any favorites?

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