Still Harvesting

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There’s a recipe for cauliflower soup in Nigel Slater’s ‘Tender’ that we really like, I make a few batches and we freeze it in wide mount pint jars for quick lunches during busy weeks. The recipe for cauliflower cheese from this cookbook is also a favorite if we have enough cauliflower. The pickled cauliflower from ‘Well Preserved’ is also a favorite. I make a few batches for the pantry. We enjoy it caramelized with sausages.

The spring planted broccoli, which was a new variety from Johnny’s Seed called ‘Eastern Magic’ proved to be a really winner, it’s still producing really nice side shoots from the original plants. A second planting of broccoli is providing large heads as well. Overall, we have loads of broccoli in the freezer, which is great because we enjoy eating all winter.

What’s your favorite brassica? Do you grow them in your garden?

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