Fall Sunrises & Sunsets

This time of year, as the sun starting rising and setting much lower in the sky, it seems like the sunrises and sunsets are more dramatic and colorful. Almost every night I find myself looking out the back window to see what color the sky is. The sun rises over the coastal mountains out in front of our house and some mornings it stops you in your tracks.

This was what we saw the other morning. It started slow, became this, and then slowly morphed into something dramatic but monochromatic. We spent 5 minutes watching it rise, thankful to live in such a beautiful spot and to have been awake and looking out the front window at just the right moment.

The sunsets can be equally as dramatic, they are much harder to watch since we don’t have many windows on the back of the house (something we plan to remedy in the new house). I notice both this time of year, it’s a nice treat as the days get shorter.

What do you notice most this time of year?

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