Fall Hydrangeas

I’m not much of one for mums, I’m not sure why, they’ve just never been a flower that I liked all that much (lilies are the same, including daylilies). Instead of mums by the front door for fall color, I have two ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangeas in big terra cotta pots.

They start turning in late summer and get more and more vibrants and colorful as the weather starts getting colder and colder. After a hard freeze, the blooms are a very deep redish purple and the leaves get darker and darker as the weather gets colder.

I move them to the basement in winter and they get moved back out in early spring when the weather has normalized a bit. While these are a non-traditional fall flower, they are a favorite of mine. In fact, I love hydrangeas for their long-lived beauty. They look good all year long. The dry blooms look great in winter, the glossy leaves are great in spring, add the big moppy flowers in summer and the color of fall and you have an all round winner in the garden (the deer think so too).

Do you grow hydrangeas? Do you have a favorite variety?

3 thoughts on “Fall Hydrangeas

  1. I have always loved hydrangeas- my Granny had one with blue & pink that we thought was a total magic act 😉
    Now I have an oak leaf (FAV!) and a large blue one. We planted some for our neighbors and my husband uses them often in his landscaping business.
    I am curious- how do you dead head blooms from the large bushes? I can’t reach them all, but I try to gt as many as I can…?

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