A Few Indoor Plants

I’ve always had houseplants scattered all over the house. I supposed it comes from my mom, who always enjoyed plants and gardening and was always trying a new houseplant from the grocery store. My collection has grown steadily over the years, there are sansevieras, ivies, schlumbergeras, loads of African violets, jade plants, and a wide variety of succulents.

Featured in this post are the living room plants. In front of the southeast facing window in the front is a collection of smaller plants. An Easter cactus, Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus (yes I’m collecting them all), a few echeverias, various starts of jade plants to give away, and a tiny peperomia that I got at Meadowbrook Farm in PA when I visited a few years ago.

This ‘Hedgehog’ Aloe used to flank the front doors at our home back in Ohio. This is actually a descendant of those aloes, they became HUGE and too big for the house. Now I take starts of them every few years and keep smaller plants around. The sanseviera was just divided this past winter as it had outgrown this container. I got the original plant at IKEA about 15 years ago. A few of the divisions are living upstairs under grow lights waiting to find homes.

This black sanseviera was found at a local discount store two years ago, I just repotted it since it was outgrowing the old pot. The jade plant has been moving around with us for a while, I can’t quite remember where it came from. No doubt it was given to me by another gardener, I can’t remember ever purchasing one.

This is a small glimpse into the array of houseplants I keep throughout the house, I’ll share more later. Winter is a time when I’m especially thankful for these beauties. They seem happy to grow quietly in the corner in the summer but really become the stars during the winter months when they are the only green to be seen.

What’s your favorite houseplant? Do you have any you’d like to add to your collection?

6 thoughts on “A Few Indoor Plants

  1. oh I see you have been to Meadowbrook Farms! What a neat place I have been going there for at least 25 years. Always fun.

  2. Susy, there you are. I haven’t been keeping up on my blogs and you up and moved to whole new website when I wasn’t looking. I really like it.

    I only have one lonely Aloe Vera plant that was given to me. I’m just not a house plant person. When I get my computer room desk moved up to the living room in front of the three south facing windows, I might try to keep a few plants. I don’t know I have tried in the past and they just seem to attract gnats. They’re not my favorite creature to have inside the house.

    We did get a healthy seven inch snow here. It was perfect to get out the toboggan and slide down the school yard hill. After four runs my legs were screaming for mercy and begging me not to climb that hill again. I’m hoping to get down the hill a few more times before winter’s end.

    I hope and pray that you are staying well and healthy. I’m trying to stay at home as much as I can but family and friends still need help even in a pandemic.

    Have a great house plant day.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. Yes, the old site was getting HUGE and loading slowly. In order to keep all the content, we decided to start verions 2 🙂 We are doing well, staying healthy, trying to make the most of anything we can. Great to see you here 🙂

  3. Susy, you always have beautiful plants. My house plants have faltered in recent times. My only seriously healthy houseplant is my aloe. It is shooting up babies like crazy. All the others look unhappy. I considering giving them new homes where they would be more happy.

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