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We are supremely lucky here in our area to have a wide variety of things grown, produced, and created by our local communities. Last summer, a new mushroom farm opened up down the road. All summer I stopped at the roadside self-help stand and purchased mushrooms. Last week I ordered a big box so I could make stroganoff, mushroom soup, and a few other delicious goodies.

These beauties are grown by Mannafest Mushrooms, which is located in the next town over. They are not your normal grocery store mushrooms, but that’s fine with me. I’m happy to cook them individually to try them and then add them to all the mushroom recipes I have. I’m always happy to find new sources for things we typically purchase at the grocery store.

Have you discovered any great new sources for food, plants, or other items in your area?

6 thoughts on “Local and Unique

  1. I’m sure most (maybe even all) of these will be delicious! I love mushrooms. What are those cauliflower-like ones in the top middle of your last photo?

  2. Susy, mushrooms, interesting. Mushrooms were never a regular in the food my family liked. I never found that mushrooms enhanced the flavor of any dish but just changed the texture. So as a result, I can take them or leave them. Many foragers here in Nebraska will anxiously wait for the mushrooms to pop in the spring time wooded areas and hunt them down for just straight up fried mushrooms. Almost everyone hunts for the Morel Mushroom because there’s no mistake about what it looks like. I’ve only been mushroom hunting a couple times in my life. It was a fun thing at the time but I’m not sure I would intentionally try to do it again.

    I’m getting farther into planning my garden for this year but it’s still too cold for any outside work until March. Seed starting will begin in my basement under the grow lights . Onions are the first. I like to grow them from seed. They seem to get bigger and taste better if grown from seed. I’ll be glad when I can get back outside and start scratching around in the soil.

    Have a great mushroom eating day. Be well and stay safe.

    Nebraska Dave

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