A Winter of Sewing

I’ve always enjoyed sewing. My mom showed me how to use the sewing machine when I was small and I took it right away. In those day I make clothes for my Barbies. In high school I made a lot of clothes, then transitioned to pillows, curtains, and other household items when we bought our first house. Now I’m back to sewing a lot of clothing.

This winter I’ve been sewing like made, making gifts for everyone on my list. I made the sweatshirt above for Abby (the 11 year old neighbor) and the sweatshirt with detail shown below for Tanner, her twin brother. (above is the Altitude Pullover from Peek-a-boo Patterns shirt below is the Raglan Hoodie from Brindille & Twig)

I made a set of zippered bags for my sister, in fabric that matched the huge Fika Tote I made for her last year. The Double Zip Pouch from LBG Studios was a super fun make, I certainly enjoy making bags and adding details like leather pulls and rivets. The wide open zipper pouch is a free pattern from Noodlehead.

I also made joggers for myself, for Mr Chiots, and for my two oldest nieces. Then a quilt for my dad, my nephew, and my brother.

I also made a few things for friends to gift to their friends, like this lovely tool roll for pottery carving tools. I used a lovely Rifle Paper Company fabric and charcoal linen. Once again, eyelets and a leather strap to finish it off with a bit of detail!

I’m still sewing like made and need to get better about taking photos with my big camera instead of my phone. Mr Chiots got a great pullover for his birthday and a plaid button down shirt for Christmas. I haven’t been neglecting myself either. I made a fantastic pullover for myself recently and a new batch of tank tops. Right now I’m copying my favorite summer skirt so I can make one in every color. After that I’ll be tackling making JEANS! Maybe I’ll start a sewing section on the blog to chronicle all the things I’m making.

What hobbies have you been honing this winter? Have you picked up any new ones?

4 thoughts on “A Winter of Sewing

  1. I am starting a SEW BASIC class with a local artist tomorrow night! We have had a sewing machine, but usually my husband uses it for projects. I have sworn against sewing my whole life but can’t hold out any longer- I need to be able to fix curtains, bedding, pillows, and all the things. Your style choices are unique and cool looking- way to go 🙂

    1. How fantastic! My mom made sure we all knew how to do basic sewing (both by hand and machine) so we could fix necessary items. I was the only one that took to it and continue to do it.

  2. I’m so happy to discover your new blog. I discovered you through your lovely podcast and then your blog and Instagram. Your levelheaded good-natured perspective on life and its simple joys is one of my favorite refuges on the internet.

    1. Oh thank you so much 🙂 I decided to start writing/posting here again instead of on social media and such. Currently my life is a bit busy, but I’m trying to get back into the habit of taking lots of photos and publishing things here on the blog.

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